Why do you need a pet registry?

Why do you need a pet registry?

You’ve never needed one before. Why should you get one now? There are many reasons why a pet registry is invaluable. Most of them are not pleasant to think about, which is why most people don’t subscribe to a registry. Many registries are a place to log contact information in case you and your pet become separated. Pet*iD is a lot more than a simple registry. We set out to solve a problem we saw for pets. What we’ve grown into is more of a hub for all of your pet security needs. The following are the top 4 reasons you need to get Pet*iD for any pet today.

  • We are the top searched website when it comes to pet identification. The fact is we get calls every day from people thinking they are registered at petid.com. I can’t tell you how many people have come up to me thinking they are registered with us and if we look at the pet tag, we know right away they are not protected with Pet*iD. Which is why Pet*iD allows you to add any ID number, photos, and description for each pet to their entry.
  • Microchips are a way to identify your pet but they are not fail-safe by themselves. Microchip companies will tell you that your pet should wear a tag to alert those who may find him or her that they have a microchip. A third party such as a shelter or veterinarian is needed to be able to read the microchip. This means that the pet has to be taken in somewhere and if left it there, can end up in the mix of shelter pets waiting for adoption. Microchips can migrate and may not be found where they were implanted. Also they are not GPS locators. A microchip, (implanted with a needle) can identify an owner if the owner’s information is up-to-date. At Pet*iD we recognize that many pet parents choose this option. So we have a microchip lookup in our system as well as a place to input a microchip number as an addition to your account. With your registry at petid.com, your information is protected unless you choose to show it, which you can do anywhere at any time. If you’re pet goes missing, you can easily update and add other contact info.
  • Rabies vaccinations and other verifications can be done by your vet. There are many occasions when a pet parent is asked for vaccination information. This may be when getting nails clipped, or traveling to a fun location! With your registration at Pet*iD, not only do you have a place to add dates, but your veterinarian can log in and verify that the vaccination was in fact given. This can also help if your pet ever gets picked up. There is a cost to check for rabies vaccinations, and some places that don’t have the funds for this may put your pet down after waiting the appropriate amount of time all because they couldn’t tell if the pet had been vaccinated.
  • Having a pet means keeping on top of things. Just like keeping your own calendar, your pet may need to keep track of dates that you just forget to check. We’ll email you when your pet needs vet appointments, and with important things going on in pet industry. At Pet*iD we are fully committed to helping you be a responsible pet parent.

Bottom line is that we care about pets. We have set up Pet*iD to be a one stop shop for all of your pet’s security needs. We know you’re busy; by registering at petid.com you will have peace of mind that your furry family member is getting the best protection possible!


Beagle in purple pillow

Image courtesy of Alex Ugalek at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

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