Calico Kitten

At Pet*iD we think of our pets as members of our family. They are so important to our home that we have a sign you see right when you walk in the door that says “my kids have paws”.   Over the years I’ve had many pets including dogs, iguanas, birds, fish, and a snake. I’ll be the first to admit that the snake was my husband’s and I wasn’t very fond of it. But the rest of them brought hours of joy. I currently have two dogs, Denver and Nix. I never thought of myself as much of a cat person. But wanted to share the following story with you:

My cat, Cali

She showed up on our doorstep with two of her siblings. It was late February and there was still snow on the ground. “We are not cat people” I kept reminding myself as I picked up the phone to call my husband. What were we going to do with kittens? His reaction was pretty much what I figured. He didn’t want them in the house. So I sat there for the next couple of hours hearing their small kitten meows and then I sighed, a little paw on the window. My heart melted and I vowed to protect them if I could.

My husband came home and made up a bed in the garage out of the cold. He brought them water and some food. We watched them grow up throughout the summer. They had free reign of the yard and seemed like very happy little kittens. Cali was much more playful and friendly than the other two. She wanted to be held and liked to be in my lap. Of course she had to be a calico cat too! I used to dye my hair multiple shades of red, brown and blonde and called it my calico cat hair.


Cali, sleeping in my office chair

I knew winter would come eventually and I was struggling with what to do. The other kittens had grown much more distant and we had seen them very rarely. Cali was different though, she called every morning to my husband who would go out to feed her and bring her water. She seemed to wait for us on the driveway and we would see her scamper out of our way whenever we drove up. Sometimes I would catch her trying to run into the house and I began to wonder what it would be like to have a cat as a pet. Well it was a sacrifice since both my husband and I are highly allergic but Cali became an indoor/outdoor cat.

It made me so very relieved to know that she was safe and sound when it started to get very cold out. We had a deal, if she were to mark the house in any way, she would go outside permanently. She was funny like that though, she went out with the dogs and she hunted in the evenings, but she would come in when I was ready for bed.

She slept on my stomach which made my little terrier very jealous. But over-all she was a joyful addition to the house. She could jump up to the kitchen counter where I kept a little bowl of milk away from our dogs. She liked to sleep in my office chair, curled into a ball.

The last time I saw her, I was heading out to a restaurant to have brunch with my sister. It was a crisp but sunny day and I let her out as I was leaving. When I got home I called to her but she was nowhere in sight. She didn’t come in that evening and while it’s been over a month, the pain is still very fresh. I wonder throughout the day what could have happened to her. I miss her terribly and we didn’t even have her for a year. Pets are so dear and special. They are little independent creatures but we are their protectors. I would give anything to have her back. Nothing can ever take away the joyful, playfulness, and spontaneity that she brought to our house. So even though she is gone, I will always remember how much fun we had with her. And that, I wouldn’t trade for the world.

I think about her a lot. I always think the same thing “Why didn’t I put a Pet*iD tag on her?” I have no answer. I think of her playful, loving nature and wonder if someone scooped her up. I wonder if she was hurt (or worse) and had no one to claim her. If she did get picked up, was she adopted out? You can bet both of my dogs have Pet*iD tags. The best thing for peace of mind is to get yours registered. I thought she would always be there, but now she will always be in my heart.

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